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Custom Solutions

Since each client's needs are unique and no two projects are exactly the same, GT Marketing excels at providing customized solutions.

By combing the best of our capabilities and expertise, we will design a campaign that gets you the results you deserve with solutions like Intelligent Distribution, Invitation Center, and Touch Points for turnkey, automated direct mailings to your sales organization, prospects, customers, donors, or any target audience.

Trust GT Marketing to be your go-to source for getting your message across or materials delivered effectively and efficiently every time.

Custom Marketing Solutions

Intelligent Distribution

Combining our physical plant with a customized web portal featuring secure access, we can handle the direct-to-rep or direct-to-customer delivery of all your promotional materials, including over-the-counter samples. GT Marketing operates out of a 30,000 square foot, climate controlled warehouse, which includes designated space to accommodate our client’s storage needs. You can depend on our processing equipment, storage capacity, and web based fulfillment expertise to manage the distribution of all your sales and marketing collateral with ease.

Generate customized invitations to multiple meetings and events using our web-based service to save time, money, and internal resources.

Invitation Center

Generate customized invitations to multiple meetings and events using our web-based service to save time, money, and internal resources.

The GT Marketing Invitation Center is open 24/7 to receive your meeting and event specifications. This provides your company with a secure portal to create event invitations and make changes on demand. Our Invitation Center allows for multiple, customizable, and personalized invitations, which can be previewed instantly in PDF format. See exactly how your finished printed mail pieces will look within seconds of submission! Our online approval process enables your invite to go from editing to production in a matter of hours.

GT’s Invitation Center allows you to maximize the efficiency of your creative and production staff while ensuring customization and personalization, vital to the effectiveness of any event mail piece.

Touch Points

Increasing the frequency of contact and communication with prospects and customers is key for any sales and marketing organization. Personnel and budgets are limited, and the competition for market share is increasingly fierce. Our Touch Points program provides hassle-free, fully automated campaigns, enabling your organization to consistently deliver time-sensitive, critical communications and ensure best practices pre- and post-call. Rediscover the value of the follow-up letter. Remember those?

Experienced project managers at GT Marketing work closely with you to create personalized, customizable, and regulatory-compliant direct mail letters. These communications reinforce the messages your sales force delivers, yielding a “touch” at 3% of the cost of a personal visit. There can be multiple versions of these communications containing countless variable information, images, and related content. Seamless integration with your sales force CRM system means these campaigns are targeted, relevant, and timely.

Key Features:
  • Automated to seamlessly integrate with the sales team CRM system and ensure ease of use, automation of fulfillment, and rep-level reporting.
  • Compliance with your legal and regulatory policies, ensuring consistency of message and eliminating potentially damaging renegade communications by sales associates.
  • Collateral which can include clinical reprints, PI's, coupons, unique promotions, important product information, scannable QR codes, samples, or any other documents you wish to distribute alongside your message.
  • Measurable results include complete campaign activity reporting by rep territory, district, region, and nation.
  • Control over specific content, frequency, cost, and reporting metrics at your fingertips.