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GT Marketing is a full service Lettershop, Printshop, Mailshop, and Registered List Vendor. We can deliver cost-effective, custom direct marketing solutions to help your business grow. No matter what the industry, we can create a custom campaign to meet your needs.

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We have decades of experience in personalized invitations, announcements, donor solicitations, and personalized marketing collateral. We offer full service touch point salesperson follow-up letter programs. Let us maximize your target market's response rate.



Give your message and image the presentation it deserves. GT Marketing uses only the most up-to-date laser printing services for crisp, clear images and sophisticated variable printing data. Professional printing will make your message more functional, attractive, and effective.



Automated collateral warehousing, distribution, and fulfillment along with unmitigated target list hygiene allows for the best possible response rates. We can help you reach your target audience whether your focus is to acquire new customers or retain existing ones. Our service is exceptionally fast and impressively accurate.



At GT Marketing, we know that medical/pharmaceutical organizations and supporting agencies desire the kind of increased ROI and sales growth that requires pinpointed target audience acquisitions and messaging. For nearly 20 years, GT Marketing has specialized in meeting the challenging needs of our clients in the Health Care industry. With direct marketing solutions like Touch Points, Invitation Center, and Intelligent Collateral Distribution, we have played an integral role in helping our clients launch new products, grow prescriptions, and increase professional recommendations for OTC brands.


Whether you’re responsible for Alumni Relations, Development/ Fundraising, Undergraduate/Graduate Admissions, or Communications/Marketing, you likely have a need for targeting variable audiences with variable messaging. GT Marketing is uniquely qualified to execute and manage these complex direct marketing initiatives. We have a proven track record servicing higher education clients.

Not For Profit

Successful fundraising is the financial lifeblood of most Not For Profit organizations. In order for a campaign to be truly successful, the donor must feel an emotional connection to the cause represented by the organization. By communicating with each prospective new donor and/or past donor as an individual, the resulting impression created in their mind will be the most effective. The goal is to make the donor feel “special.” By personalizing each message in a unique way, a positive mental impression can be made, and the greatest return on the marketing investment dollars can be achieved. GT Marketing has mastered the art and science of effective direct mail fundraising.

Small Businesses

As a small business owner, you need to acquire new customers but may not know how to find them. Once we have helped you identify the right target audience, you may not have the internal resources to reach them in a cost efficient and impactful way. Direct marketing is a perfect opportunity to get your company’s name in the hands of customers who want to hear about your latest products, services, and promotions. Over the years, GT Marketing has served as a trusted consultant and industry expert to many small business and local municipalities. In fact, GT Marketing’s very first and longest standing client relationship to date is a small business.


The varied direct communications needs of government and municipal entities often require specialized skills and industry expertise to implement in the most cost-effective ways. As a NJ State approved Small Business and a designated Department of Defense subcontractor, GT Marketing can execute all of the details of a communications project and meet the requirements of most small business set-aside programs.


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